Sunday 7 June 2015

Peter Wright PL15 Darts Review

Peter Wright is famous for his eccentric behaviour, over the top fashion sense and his ability to match any darts player in the world on his day. It's also been well documented that he changes his darts regularly in search of the perfect fit for his needs and finally it looks like he has nailed the perfect design.

What you get:

- 3 darts per set
- 1 set of Peter Wright super thick standard flights
- 1 set of Peter Wright holographic standard flights
- 2 sets of white coated aluminium Red Dragon stems
- 1 Red Dragon Wallet
- 1 year guarantee card

World number 5 'Snakebite' Wright had these darts designed for his participation in this years Premier League where he was unlucky to be eliminated at the first hurdle on Judgement Night despite some top quality performances against Kim Huybrechts and Phil Taylor. These new darts are very similar to the set he used when reaching the final of the World Championships in 2014, only difference being that they are slightly slimmer and of course they are available in blue and silver not bronze.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the packaging was how attractive these darts were. The blue coating along with rainbow effect on the point reflected exactly what Peter Wright is about, a stand out from the crowd attitude. This was definitely the case when I visited my local pub to test these new pieces of tungsten out, everyone in the darts area asked me about them and held them, so saying all of the regulars liked the darts would be an understatement.

The darts are 90% tungsten and weighted in the centre of the barrel. The grip is rated 4/5 by Red Dragon (1= smooth, 5= aggressive) and I wouldn't disagree with that. The grip is situated from rear to the centre where it is rough, and towards the front of the dart there are 3 grooves to add a little more grip while throwing.

My personal experience with these darts has been very good. I have problems with my grip which causes most of the darts I use to flick a lot in the air, which in turn causes them to go off target or bounce out of the board, but due to the fact these darts are centralised means they stay steady in the air and bring out these best in my game. I even hit a 180 on my first night throwing them, only the 4th maximum of my short career.

Overall, these darts are fantastic. They are visually the best arrows I have ever seen and Red Dragon have went the extra mile by adding in some fine details such as the rainbow effect points and the Snakebite logo on the barrel. Highly recommended and I give them a rating of 9/10.

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  1. Those wobbling darts used at the World Cup semi final with the Netherlands 2015. I would like a set hey nice set